1. bgm6633's Avatar
    i just bought a new zte whirl 2 straight talk is the provider and the 4g connectivity is way slow my old lg optimus 3g was faster is there any way to improve the connectivity or switch the phone to 3g? also the zte is not recognizing all the music files i have on my micro card and the old lg did why? and how can i solve that? thank you
    12-02-2014 06:56 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What download speeds are you getting? Install Speedtest to find out.

    Are you sure your phone has 4G capability? The specs for the NET10 ZTE Whirl 2 specifies only 3G. I couldn't find the Whirl 2 on the Straight Talk site--only the Whirl.

    Some devices can be finicky when it comes to SD cards. Did you simply transfer the card from your old phone to the new one? You may want to start from scratch--reformat the card, then copy all of your music to the card again, and then insert it into the new phone.

    Also, what size card is it? Some phones aren't fully compatible with cards >32 GB.
    12-04-2014 01:29 AM

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