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    Hi everyone, I'm having a huge problem with Samsung customer service and need help on what I can do next. I sent in my phone for repair due to the phone not powering on and they sent me back a working phone. However, my memory states now that the total capacity is 16gb when my phone was a 32gb model. It even states in the sticker on the back that it is in fact a 32gb model but Samsung reps keeps on stating that a 32gb model was never offered. I bought my phone thru AT&T and they also contacted them to check with them if they offered a 32gb model but as usual, AT&T reps don't know any better and they are stating the same, that they never sold a 32gb model of the S4. I even found an AT&T news article on their blog when the phone went on sale and it shows the 32gb option priced at $249.99, however the rep said they couldn't go to the site. Also, the phone is the same since the imei is the same one I sent them so it's definitely the same phone. In addition, when I check the samsung repair status website, it states that they replaced the lcd and a "component" but the rep fails to tell me what that component is and says that it's only accessible to the repair technician which they can't get in contact with. What can I do? I'm running out of options, and I refuse to let this problem go unsolved. Is there another Samsung department I can contact.
    12-02-2014 09:27 PM
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    If your phone is the same IMEI, then you did not get the 32 gb model. Verizon also never sold a 32gb model. They can not change the IMEI; if your original phone was bad, and if they had to issue you a replacement phone, you would of received a new IMEI. Move on.

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    12-03-2014 08:06 AM
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    Print the web page showing the AT&T 32GB model. Bring that and the phone to the nearest AT&T Device Support Center. If they actually once sold a 32GB model, AT&T can probably find a refurb to exchange with you.

    BTW, the IMEI on the motherboard can be changed, so unless there's a particular scratch or mark on the old motherboard that's not apparent, but that you can find, you can't know whether they sent back your motherboard or a replacement motherboard with 16GB on it. (That could be the "component" that was changed.)

    That's why I prefer bringing the phone into the DSC myself - I check the replacement and, if there's a question, the old and new phones are both there so I can prove what I'm claiming. (Although I've never had anything less than excellent service from them. They once even connected my phone to their secured in-store wifi, to check out an apparent problem - which is really a no-no, since I can recover the password even though they deleted the wifi settings [which I'd never do - I don't cause problems for people who go out of their way to help me].)
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    12-03-2014 04:15 PM

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