1. Rikku Watro's Avatar
    Could you please tell me if you know any ways to disable this?
    12-03-2014 05:03 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Hello Rikku, welcome to the forums at Android Central! 🙋
    I'm not sure I understand.
    Do you mean the message that appears when you plug something to the headphones jack and try to raise the volume?

    If so, I think rooting your device is the only way.
    12-03-2014 05:58 AM
  3. Rikku Watro's Avatar
    Yes, the "Raise volume above safe levels?" message that shows up...
    12-03-2014 11:39 PM
  4. STARGATE's Avatar
    Unfortunately, that message can't be disabled, unless you root the phone.
    12-05-2014 04:34 PM
  5. gabbott's Avatar
    In Lollipop it appears to be removed (at least it doesn't happen on my Nexus 6). It does do that on my Moto X running Kit Kat. So if you have a phone/device that will be upgraded, that might solve it for you.
    12-05-2014 04:36 PM

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