1. nishantc's Avatar
    Budget : Rs 10,000
    Requirements: 3G, good readability, gaming and light weight. (voice calling is a good plus so I can lose my second phone that I rarely use)


    Dell Venue 7 (2013 model): Intel Dual Core, 2GB Ram and 3G (no Voice Calling) Retails for around 9,000 or close. No word on Android 5.0 update.

    Dell Venue 7 3000 (recent release): Intel Quad Core, 1GB ram and 3G (with voice calling). Currently priced at 9900

    All other things being equal or irrelevant, Would a Dual Core 2GB tablet perform better than a Quad Core 1GB tablet or otherwise?
    12-04-2014 02:27 AM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    What is the clock speed on the dual core? if the clock speed is close to the same it could perform as well and you will see better performance in some areas as it can leave more in RAM memory to load or handle things quicker. Quad core is better when it is properly utilized so it depends on your usage scenario as well.
    12-04-2014 05:33 AM

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