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    I have an LGMS659 I have downloaded cleanmaster, cleanmaster backup, I have disabled apps I don't use, I save all my pictures to my external sd card and I cannot free up memory. Clean master shows that photos take us 260 mb space of internal sd, apps 725 mb internal and other 611 mb internal sd space which I don't understand because all of my pictures go to my external drive and my phone storage shows only 74mb for pictures.

    Also when I disable apps I don't use, should I also clear data to free up memory?

    Someone suggested getting a larger external sd card but my external card is not even half full.

    I'm so frustrated with this.
    12-04-2014 02:16 PM
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    1) Uninstall any and all apps that claim to "clean RAM". Android is designed to run with RAM as full as possible, and an app that empties it is just causing Android to chase its tail. (This includes Clean Master - it doesn't do anything you can't do without it.)

    2) Actually look in internal storage (use a file manager like ES File Explorer to see if there are any pictures in your internal storage.

    3) Use Settings/General/Storage to see what''s taking up what space.

    4) Disabling an app doesn't free storage, it just prevents that app from running - it's still in storage.

    5) No matter what size external card you use, your internal storage won't change unless you learn Linux well enough to mount the card as main storage. But that would take a lot of searching and studying.
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    12-04-2014 02:47 PM
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    So CLEAN MASTER APP and the Phone Boost and all the crap from them I don't really need? I didn't mention that I have my plan through Metro and I have purchased Total Protection through Metro so I can locate my telephones if lost. they use Lookout which I have on my phone and it has security, backup of photos and contacts, missing device, theft alert, etc etc. So I probably don't need CLEAN MASTER BACK UP either?

    I have just the regular file manager on my phone it has two folders on for internal sd and one for external sd and when I go in there are always files full of cache crap in internal that I delete and my external only has pictures and a couple of ringtones.

    I did yesterday plug into my computer, with the help of one of my workstudy students and did see some old zedge stuff (from years ago) that I deleted but my main reason was to transfer my pictures to my computer and onto a jump drive.

    After I did that when I ran CLEAN MASTER IT SHOWED 295 MB for pictures as opposed to 348 prior but my phone storage showed the same amount.

    I can download the ES File Explorer you are talking about to take a look at my internal storage? Sorry I am so illiterate when it comes to this. Something I've noticed is that I used to have Google+ back up my pictures (which I quickly stopped), they show the thumbnails in my gallery (I believe internally because they aren't on my external sd), but I can't delete them.????

    Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it.
    12-05-2014 07:42 AM
  4. Debbiesue49's Avatar
    I downloaded ES File Explore and ES Taskmanager. I have to say i'm a little confused.

    Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get the autokill widget. When I had cleanmaster this started automatically when I unlocked my phone.

    Directions: hard press home screen, choose (what home screen? - ee taskmanager, ee file explorer, phone?) WHERE DO I LONG PFESS TO CHOOSE?

    I'm so frustrated I'm ready to unistall everything. I dont know what to kill, what to clean what to recycle. I just want to use my phone to check messages play an occassional game take a picture etc?????
    12-07-2014 06:00 AM

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