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    i bought a note 3 last year from saudia it is a europeon model and now i am in pakistan. i need some details about android updates i am sticked with kitkat and its a battery drain machine...please help me..sorry for my bad english

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    12-05-2014 12:33 PM
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    If you bought it from a carrier, the carrier issues the updates and, since you can't receive them from Europe, you won't get them. If you bought an unbranded phone (no carrier name, apps, etc.), Samsung will issue the updates and you'll probably get them by wifi. If not, you watch on XDA forums for the Note 3 for update files for your model Note 3 (9005? something like that) and install them using Odin. There are plenty of people there who have already posted steo by step instructions for earlier updates, and will post them again for a new update if the thread with the file doesn't already have instructions.

    As far as battery drain, I've run the European ROM in my Note 3, and it doesn't drain the battery any more than any other. Just keep radios you're not using turned off, run Wakelock Detector (see Wakelock with non-rooted KitKat) to see what's keeping the phone from deep sleep (and either uninstall it or use Greenify if you still need the app) and keep the screen as dim as you're comfortable with.

    Set your email for Push, not for time to check emails. Use an IMAP account (you have to set that up with your email account - usually with a browser). Checking for email every few minutes uses a lot of battery. Push means that the email server will "call" your phone when there's an email for it and push the email to it.

    Look at Settings/General/Battery to see what's using most of the power. (The percentage isn't of total battery power, it's of total power being used - so 30% doesn't mean almost 1/3 of your battery, it means almost 1/3 of the total power being drawn, which could be only 1% of your battery. The graph at the top will show you how the total battery power has been used over time.)

    If you press the graph you'll get another page. At the bottom is a line labeled Awake. When the phone isn't being used, that line should be almost solid black, with just a few thin lines of blue. More than that means that something is keeping the phone awwake.
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    12-05-2014 03:47 PM
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    hey rukbat! on my box is written (europion sim model) but there is not any logo of carriers...and there a sticker note on right side that this mobile can only use in europe and other few countries but there is not the name of asian coutries like dubai,saudia and pakistan....and there written that if you use this mobile in europe and call 5 minutes to anybody it will be unlocked.....so i will get update or there only hope?

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    12-07-2014 09:59 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Possibly no, possibly yes. You'll have to wait and see.
    12-07-2014 10:23 PM

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