1. Rikku Watro's Avatar
    Usually vision is fully developed at age 7 but Google says that Google Glass may harm developing vision of kids 12 and under which is kind of strange... Is this for the Google Accounts which need you to be 13-16 depending on your country? I wonder why it says it may harm developing vision of kids 12 and under when 7-8 year olds usually have their vision fully developed?
    12-06-2014 04:00 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    You can be sure that a company like Google will do whatever current legislation requires in the matter of health and safety, and I'm guessing may very well go further by making superogatory recommendations to protect young people especially.

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    12-06-2014 07:40 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    You'll see medication ads on TV that say complications may include X, Y and Z, even though only 5 people have ever had one of those complications out of tens of thousands of tests. They do it so that if you sue them they have a valid defense "you should have read the warnings".

    Remember, people will sue phone manufacturers for brain cancer when there's never been any scientific evidence that radio signals near the head cause it. (Women have even been known to sue plastic surgeons when a nose job didn't make the guy they liked fall for them.) It's called CYA. It costs them nothing to say it, and protects them if they're sued. If 1 child in 10 million has eye problems later in life that could be connected to Google Glass, and the child was under 12 when he used it, they're covered.
    12-06-2014 04:48 PM

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