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    So here is my problem :
    First,my PC won't recognize my Samsung android device (I installed Kies),i think it is because my mini USB port has been changed (it was broken,so they replaced it),i can't find any answers how to fix this.When is connected my device is charging (it is connected with USB that have 5 pins).So if anyone can help me,i am waiting.
    Second,that USB problem means that i can not install CWM Recovery through Odin,i must do it manually.I tried with ROM Manager and i did not worked.I tried doing it in stock recovery and that did not work as well.I saw that some scripts on Samsung devices are replacing custom recoveries with stock recoveries.I deleted one of those files it is suppose to have two (install-recovery.sh and i could not find the other one,i think it is called recovery-boot.p).
    So i am trying two days for now to flash CWM.
    Please help !
    12-07-2014 11:19 AM

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