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    I uploaded a new software update- I tried avoiding this bc the last time I did, my phones battery was horrible and GPS did not work for a better part of a week. However, the upload message would not stop after two weeks, and it would drop my calls when it was giving me the notice/and or trying, it would also knock me off internet. So I did. However, my battery started to go to crap, at 20% it would shut the phone off, later for me to come home, plug it into a charger to be at 30% not 20%. I found that odd. However, it requested again without remorse, almost 30% calls were interrpted and I thought maybe this "Update again" might fix the problems. Nope, my suspicions became true. I seen my phone with the little droid guy and it uploading. However, when I got back to the phone, it was stuck on a Samsung screen. I can power the device on and off, it will go through the motions if you will, but soon as it hits the Samsung title cannot boot past it. To note when doing the " Software Update"- thanks Samsung- not really..when doing it I had my phone on a charger.

    I can go into Safe Mode if I use the buttons manually( Power+Volume+Menu- release power after you feel it vibrate( or contacts I will prob lose ). However, I cannot restart the phone in safe mode. Do note, I called a Radio shack and they said they use to have a device that would be able to store data and then when wiped put it back on, but they dont have it anymore. Of course I am concerned about Data...of course Gmail saved contact info from my old phone, not this one! So I am patrolling the internet, I swear paper and pen was better back in the day- like 10 years ago when I was a teenager. I didnt have any apps on the phone beyond stock, unless fb was one, that was it. These updates are screwing the software, however if you don't dload them, it will make sure it will screw up your phone. All 3 "Updates" hurt my phone. I had my phone for under a year and a half- yes I wish I would have cracked my screen a few months earlier- warranty! So a HUGE warning to Galaxy Owners and Samsung products. My LG peace of crap slider never had these problems..Added: My phone was then doing something different turning on by itself, but stopped at Samsung Screen, now it doesn't auto restart- just was different then earlier today. However, I wonder what machine the girl at Radio shack was talking about. I also heard of flashing the old OPS. Idk.

    12-09-2014 05:40 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. Let's see if we can help with your problems.
    First, are you able to enter Recovery Mode? If so, wiping the Cache Partition after an update is a good idea. If it has no effect, and your personal data is backed up, a Factory Reset would probably be better. Have you tried either of those?
    Also, are you sure that your battery is good?

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    12-09-2014 06:03 AM

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