1. spadepro22's Avatar
    Before we say the phone or the sd cards are bad I'll start by saying this is my 3rd new s5 and I've tried two new 64gb sd cards and same problem. Ok I've encountered a problem where my phone will delete pic's and songs from my sd card when I reboot or power the phone off. A lot of times when I take pics it ends up with gray lines in it or is blacked out with a lighting bolt threw it. I've reformatted both sd cards with various formats including formating them with the phone. The brand of sd cards are Samsung Evo and Sandisk, both class 10. I put in the same brand 32gb sd and its working fine. Anyone know whats up with the 64gb cards since the phone is capable of 128gb? 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 both giving the same problem.
    12-10-2014 05:11 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. What format is on the card?
    12-10-2014 09:22 AM
  3. spadepro22's Avatar
    12-10-2014 11:26 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Try reformatting the card on the phone. See if that helps.

    From an AOSP M8
    12-10-2014 11:52 AM

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