1. aarothepharo's Avatar
    Before my factory reset I backup and also made a copy of the s4 hard drive to my desktop computer. After the reset the backup lost my contacts. How can I recover them from the hard drive copy?
    12-10-2014 05:37 PM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    I am not sure you can, and I wouldn't go to that much trouble.

    They should re-appear after you log in to your Google account. Samsung contacts likewise, contacts only stored on the device I am not so sure.

    Have you gone to Contacts - menu - Contacts to Display - All.

    From my SM-N9005 Note 3 on Tapatalk
    12-10-2014 05:49 PM
  3. Raymond Ruth's Avatar

    Yes I have ALL ticked in contact display.
    The overriding question then is, in which folder on the phone are contacts stored? I have contacted BT, they do not know, I have searched the web, no answers. I spoke to Samsung and they won't tell me, they just say you have lost your contacts. They must be somewhere on the device!

    Does anyone know where this info is stored? I am beginning to believe that it is stored in a hidden folder or is encrypted.
    07-28-2015 07:15 AM

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