1. Phred Gates's Avatar
    every thing i install or save on my sd card get corrupted. (galaxy ace s5839i) when i install a new app it get corrupted, the android logo or toy appears on it. Amd when i download a picture or take a shot it also gets corrupted. It becomes dark and something like a tored paper appears on it.
    12-11-2014 10:44 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1) Make sure you're not using a card larger than 32GB - the phone can't support it.

    2) Make sure you're using a SanDisk card. Samsung has been known to have SD card problems - SanDisk modified the BIOS (I assume it was the BIOS) in their cards to get around the problem.

    3) Never buy anything but SanDisk or Samsung cards - they're the only companies making the chips. Everyone else buys the chips from them and makes cards, or reprograms junked small cards to say that they're larger (and reprints them, which is trivial with a good printer). With SanDisk or Samsung, you know you're getting an original (or a counterfeit, and SanDisk has been known to replace even those on occasion).

    BTW, if you find "factory refurbished" SanDisk cards on eBay, they're not. I was in contact with SanDisk about that. They do refurb their cards - but they only sell them to the end user, they don't authorize anyone else to sell them. What you see on eBay is probably either counterfeit or used (and used means problems).
    12-11-2014 12:29 PM

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