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    Here is my issue that I hope you can help me with. I am giving the Note 4 a test drive but there is one irritating feature I am hoping you might have experience with. I already contacted BestBuy, Verizon and Samsung Support twice on this issue to no satisfaction. Let me explain. I use a Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth (BT) headset heavily. I travel a lot and am constantly needing to v-dial people from my contact list. Doing so I have found 2 issues: 1. When my BT is ON the "Wake UP" feature such as "Hi Galaxy" it does not work at all. 2. More importantly, if I have any sort of Screen Lock initiated and the phone is on black screen, I can not initiate any voice command - zero, not even a simple voice dial. So you being a group of experts, do you have any experience with this and if so a work around or settings changes you can suggest? I followed all of the directions posted earlier for a Note 3 with no success.

    Also, I tried an App called Skiplock which kinda works but a notice in their FAQs stated that when Lollipop comes out Skiplock will no longer work. The voice commands work fine with no screen lock but I am not wild about having an unsecured screen while I am traveling. Can you comment on this? BTW - while at BestBuy the guy didn't believe me so we hooked my BT to his personal Note 4 and it would not work on his phone either. He scratched his head. I have never had any problem like this on any other smart phone I have ever owned.

    I also joined other Android forums and got no satisfaction there either but maybe someone here can give me an answer. Seems like I am the only BT user with a screen locked phone.

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    12-11-2014 01:03 PM

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