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    I just checked my phone and saw that there was a Software update available, however the description did not say anything about what it improves nor what version of android I was updating to. Regardless, I updated my phone and I still don't notice any changes. On top of that, does anybody know when the LG G2 will be getting lollipop? With lollipop, will the G2 get a more updated look such as LGs skin over android on the G3? Thanks in advance!

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    12-12-2014 11:45 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I updated my phone and I still don't notice any changes.
    They could be small bug fixes, or a change in the firmware to allow you to update to Lollipop (or any number of other things that you wouldn't notice). If you looked at your baseband number and kernel date before and after the update you might have noticed a change.
    12-12-2014 03:26 PM

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