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    I am writing because I am very disappointed with my new moto X (Pure Edition UK) and the moto voice / moto assist and I really hope someone is going to be able to help me.
    I have noticed that a number of commands don't work with my phone:
    1) the goodnight / goodmorning command, that I can see working in a number of youtube videos published when the new moto X was release, is not working, instead it opens a search for the word "goodnight" or "goodmorning" in google chrome.
    2) The "talk to me" command does the same, it opens a search in google chrome for "talk to me" and I can see that it works for a lot of people on youtube.
    3) Sending text: for this one everything looks like it is working until the end of the process where I go as far as "Message sent" but then when I go to the text app, I can see that no text has been sent and none of the people I have tried to send text received it.

    I have downloaded and updated the latest version of Moto Voice and Moto Assist, and already had a discussion with someone on the online chat who was completely useless as he did not know the moto X at all.

    Please help me, I was looking forward moving from iphone to android and this is a massive disappointment. I am really considering returning the phone.

    Thank you.
    12-13-2014 05:06 PM

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