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    I was loading my Doctor Who game and it failed to load so I tried to quit. The phone just stayed blank. I was trying to hold the HOME button down to get the desktop, but it vibrated a bunch of times and the phone rebooted. When it came back up, my 64G Samsung card was blank. I have reset the phone, battery, and card but it will not read it. I already know when I go home my only computer with a card reader will always see it as a blank card (being a different file format of the card for Windows to read). So I can not use my laptop to do anything to it in this case. So, I got no way to restore the data, and I hate to have this happen to me if I was actually out taking pictures. Right now card is blank and having an unsupported format.

    What can be done to get the data recovered so I can copy what I need to before formatting the card? Or, better yet, fix the partition? Everything I search for is trial or free to use but can not do more than one file at a time (I got files to programs in the hundreds).

    Things were fine last night. Nothing changed.

    I am glad I have no pressing data on it, especially since I can only use the WIFI at home (can not afford those 3G network things).

    I need 100% free methods please.

    Yes, I was trying backup programs but so far none seemed to work. The last one I tried was using Dropbox to backup (because backing up the card is pointless, like backing up to the same hard drive) but the program, whether Dropbox or the card, or Google Drive, etc, would never ever see the backups where ever it put them. I wrote to them and they said "use the card." Mhm.... is there a face palm smiley to use for that response? So, if you like to recommend a good, free backup tool as well, please let me know.


    Verizon Spectrum VS920 LTE 4G
    No sim card
    64G Samsung microSD card
    Cyanogenmod 10.1.3-vs920
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    12-16-2014 06:57 AM
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    I don't understand why your laptop won't see your SD, windows to android or not.? Having said that it could be your reader.?

    In the device it should show up under "my computer" as a drive with your android's name. Some devices will show two folders instead of one, so one may be called mass storage device while the other has your android's name. If two you want the mass storage one of course, if one you will have to dig a little deeper and look for a folder named SD. These should be the files on your SD. Now if you are correct and the files have been erased you should be able to direct a restoration tool to this location and attempt to recover lost items. There are several free recovery tools online and Recuva, is one that was popular, but you should't have any difficulty finding one.

    It could be that your card is larger than the capacity of your reader. I had an experience where I could read up to 4GB cards on my printer but it would not read my 16GB card. My PC could just fine. I'm curious if this may be a case like that.??? Anyway if that is the case using the device maybe your best option, or finding another terminal, because android and windows is mostly drag and drop except for .wam and .wav files. Android will even read most .docx and .xlsx files.
    12-16-2014 08:42 AM
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    Not sure why but the only way to reply to messages is to edit my question first...

    Well, I am not sure how to answer that. I have tried 3 SD cards that the phone access, two adapters, and my Vista not see any of them. However, it will see my SD which has Windows based files on it.

    I just which I could retrieve the data but more importantly that this does not happen again.
    12-16-2014 07:45 PM
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    Google search for PhotoRec. It is free, and has been the only app I have found that may recover a corrupted SD Card that may have lost its format personality!

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    12-16-2014 10:18 PM
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    PhotoRec doesn't read the card's directory to look for deleted files, it looks at the data on the card to look for blocks in certain formats that represent more than 440 file extensions. So it can recover the data even if you've formatted the card, or if the filesystem on the card is something that only 1 computer in the world can read.

    Be prepared to not be able to use your computer for a while, though. PhotoRec runs in its own operating system (you boot from a CD you make from the file you download) and a 64GB card will take a long time to scan through (it scans the entire card, not just used or unused space - which would depend on reading the filesystem). But if the file is in contiguous blocks, PhotoRec will recover it, even it you wiped out the Card's directory. (If you do a lot of write, write, delete, write type of operations, the files could become fragmented, but if all you do is write without deleting much, most files should be contiguous.)

    It's the best file recovery program I've found in MANY years (it finds files in DOS disks) and it's totally free and open source (which means no ads, no popups, no keystroke recorders - nothing but what it claims to be). If there were anything sneaky in it, people would have hammered the developer years ago. As it is, they should have been throwing money at him for years. The other program on the site is TestDisk. If you've ever repartitioned a drive, SD card, etc., and want to get the old partition back (before you've overwritten the data on it), TestDisk will list all the partitions it finds and let you set any one of them as an actual partition you can access.

    This isn't freeware, it's "can't exist-but-does-ware". Everyone should have at least a PhotoRec disk in his or her disk collection.
    12-18-2014 12:50 AM

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