1. Debbiesue49's Avatar
    I am not very literate with using these programs and apps. Not great with what I can uninstall, disable, not disable etc. First to admit.

    I started out with Clean Master. I then by suggestion uninstalled clean master and the file manager I had installed and installed ES explorer??? I was so confused. I uninstalled this and installed DU speedbooster which also cleans cache, etc. Except I deleted videos.

    Luckily I have lookout as part of my total protection package with metro.

    So, what is an app that is easy to use to clean junk, look at files on internal and external sd without pulling my hair out?

    I know some may think i should just go back to a flip phone but i really love my pictures and couple of games. Help please for old lady dummy.
    12-16-2014 10:14 AM
  2. beagle82's Avatar
    Hi, clean master is pretty good with cleaning just about everything, including stuff you don't want removed. I started getting annoyed with all their prompts, suggestions and ads for other apps. I have also tried 360 security which is also full featured like clean master. However my favourite and trusted Cleaner would be Ccleaner. There are no annoying ads, and you can pick what you would like to be included or excluded in the scan. Also, on all of these, ignore the ram clearing or boosting functions. Android clears its own ram as it needs it. In terms of a file explorer, i use Es and its great. Hope this helps
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    12-16-2014 11:21 AM