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    My phone recently updated itself to the android 4.4.2 firmware and HTC sense 6.0. Since then, when I open up the stock browser (this happens in chrome too) the touchscreen will not allow me to access the url field at the top of the screen. I can touch the tabs icon just to the right of the url field, or the settings just to the right of that and both work just fine, but it will not put the cursor into the url field to allow me to search, or type in a url. However, if i tilt my phone sideways, the browser reorients to landscape view, and the functionality of the url field returns. I can tap it, the keyboard shows up and i can enter my search query or url just fine. I have tested other apps to see if that area of my touchscreen is just no working, but it works just fine in everything i have tried, with the exception of internet browsers, so it is not the screen itself. This is an extremely frustrating issue. Does anyone know how to fix this/has this happened to anyone else?
    12-16-2014 11:30 PM

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