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    I often used 3G on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my friends use 4G. My friends told me that 4G is better at video playing, but I still used 3G since I don't really play videos that often. Whenever I'm at home, I use Wifi, but whenever I'm outside and I use mobile data, I use 3G unless it's not available at the place. If it's not available, I use 4G instead since 3G doesn't work there. But whenever 3G is available, I use it instead of 4G, even though 4G is the 4th generation of mobile data and 3G is the 3rd generation. I think 3G still works well in other things when available, even though 4G is the newer and better mobile data generation that sends messages faster and plays videos better. I think both are useful, if you don't have very much charge left and 3G is available, you can use it, and also if you will play a video you can use 4G for better speed. Do you think 3G is better? Or do you think the 4th generation of mobile data, known as 4G, is better?
    12-17-2014 01:30 PM
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    Where I live, there is no 4G signal. A mile or so away, where I often am, there is, but I can't say that I've noticed any obvious difference. On the other hand, I never really do anything that would require a 4G signal.
    At home I receive an advanced-3G signal which I find perfectly adequate, except perhaps when streaming 1080p YouTube video clips, for example, in which case buffering sometimes occurs. This is a 4/5 bar signal, and I think that signal strength is more important than the radio frequency.

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    12-17-2014 03:28 PM

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