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    My younger cousin had an LG-L70, which he was enjoying. He did not try to root or do anything special to it, and he started having problems with apps crashing and LG Keyboard has stopped. I recommended him to try to factory reset it, as that has fixed problems for me before. He was over at my house when he tried, and it got stuck on the LG boot screen, so he pulled the battery. He got it to boot about 2 more times, and then the battery died. Now, when you turn it on, you sit on an LG screen forever, until the phone dies. I have tried to flash a stock ROM on the phone in download mode, but as I enter download mode, I get a Kernel Crash, but my computer only recognizes the phone once the kernel crash happens. The soft reset does not work as well as it just freezes. Right now I cannot even get it to go to download mode anymore, and the computer will not recognize it anymore. If there is any other information you need, let me know. Thank you!
    12-21-2014 12:34 PM
  2. destinyhero60's Avatar
    12-21-2014 05:12 PM
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    1) Please don't bump a thread on the same day it was posted - wait at least a few days.

    2) Look for JTAG services on eBay. Since you can't flash a ROM using the computer, it's going to have to be flashed by connecting directly to the flash ROM chip, which is what a JTAG device does. You need a bootable download partition do flash the ROM from the computer, and it seems as if that partition is corrupted.

    3) And the bad news, probably - I suspect a massive hardware failure in the storage system, which would mean that the phone needs a new motherboard. Considering that you can buy a new one for $90, it wouldn't pay. (It probably wouldn't even pay to try a JTAG service. You'll usually pay whether the phone can be fixed or not - it takes the same work even if the phone can't be flashed.)
    12-21-2014 05:36 PM

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