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    There is a problem with tech podcasts that is not unique to the AC podcast. The problem is a fundamental disconnect between the journalists doing the reviews and many real world users. I hear comments about phablets, Sprint, user replaceable battery features that to me are all clear indications the review is being done by someone who has a litany of devices to choose from on multiple carriers without concern for data caps or any long term plan for the device.

    AC podcast is better than most but the only time I have ever really seen anyone on the podcast try to put themselves in position to review a phablet in real person terms was when Jerry carried only a phablet for a week.

    Here are some real person concerns that tech journalists don't get:

    1. I want to pay for 1 data plan not a separate tablet and phone plan so my device needs to be good at content consumption.

    2. I use 30-50 GBs of data a month and I know other Sprint users that exceed 100GBs a month. Nobody wants our business but Sprint. Sprint coverage is not always the best but in their defense they are taking on much higher loads per customer than any other carrier. I never hear podcasts giving grief to Verizon or AT&T over their paltry data caps. Some parity here would be nice.

    3. 2 year contracts work both ways, if Sprint changes their plan to put data caps in place I am protected for the duration of my contract. Also it isn't completely clear to me that your phone bill goes down after the subsidy is paid off. In any event, some of us really like 2 year contracts and wish you would stop trying to convince carriers to drop them.

    4. We don't get a new device every month, we buy a device to last through the duration of a contract and then usually in a second life (Ipod touch equivalent for a child, MP3 player, etc.) so being able to replace that battery that won't hold much charge means I don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water. Form is nice but function trumps form EVERY time!

    These are concepts that are dismissed readily on nearly every tech podcast all the time simply because tech journalists do not do an adequate job of putting themselves in the shoes of at least many in their audience.

    So my question is, are their any Android podcasts that walk a mile in user shoes?
    12-22-2014 08:51 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    So my question is, are their any Android podcasts that walk a mile in user shoes?
    Probably not. People who review devices for sites are usually required to keep up with changing technology. So they have to change devices frequently. Most YouTube videos of reviews are usually a few weeks after the reviewer buys the device.
    12-22-2014 09:47 AM

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