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    Hi, I'm using the Samsung S3 and this is a problem which has only begun recently.

    Been futzing around with numerous Android Music Players seeking out the one that would help me have Gapless Playback.

    Tracing back my actions what I recall is not so long ago removing all my songs from my phone to start anew with uploading my music collection to it.

    Only yesterday decided to try and make use of gapless playback so's to hear some special albums (such as Pink Floyd's the Wall). Soooo, I spent yesterday playing with Winamp, MediaMonkey, and a number of other apps...All to no avail.

    but then I noticed how my songs were now ending two seconds too soon.

    I'm sure it's not a problem with my external SD card since I can replicate the problem with songs located internally. 'and there's nothing wrong with the songs since I can play them without a hitch on my PC.

    Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    12-26-2014 11:19 AM

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