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    Activating Note 3 on my existing account. Unable to place any calls including *228 and *611. Instead of signal bars, it is showing me a circle with a cross line through it. Spent 4 hours on phone today with US Cell tech support and were not able to get the issue resolved yet. The phone is a new US Cell phone, never been activated, rooted or modified to my knowledge. Did not come with a SIM card, purchased one from US Cell and installed. When I restarted phone, I was asked for a pin code for the SIM card but I entered an incorrect code. I am wondering if this locked it somehow, but tech support really did not think that should be an issue. I went and purchased a new SIM card and updated with US Cell account but that did not correct the problem. I am hoping someone else has had a similar problem and can point me in the right direction so I can fix myself or point tech support in the right direction.
    12-26-2014 05:24 PM
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    The PIN code for the SIM card is one you use to keep people from seeing what's in your SIM card. Evidently that SIM card had been used and a PIN code entered into it. A wrong entry won't affect the phone, just the card. (They should have replaced the card for free.) If it's still asking for a PIN code, they're shipping defective cards.

    Now, if it's asking for an unlocking code, that's a different matter. That means that the phone is SIM-locked to a different carrier - which makes it a defective phone, since it's supposed to be locked (if it's locked at all) to US Cell.

    If they can't get you going with that information (maybe to the point of having to send you another phone - ask them to put a SIM in the replacement, turn it on and make sure it works, before shipping it), ask them where their nearest store or other facility is. (That's one reason to pay more for a carrier with a local store. AT&T apologized to me when they couldn't fix my phone on the spot and had to give me a new one. Well, it was there phone, but I didn't expect them to be sorry for me. And when I needed a SIM card to use another phone (with a smaller card) temporarily, they gladly gave me one and told me to bring my regular phone in when I needed to swap back, in case they had to replace the card [which they had to - and, again, at no charge]. Yes, they cost more, but when I need service [and I can flash my own ROMs, I don't need them for simple things like that - I was a dealer for years] they give it quickly and with a smile. And they keep upping my data amount - I'm at triple the amount I started with, and for $30 less a month. My only "complaint" is that they don't give too many things away for free - I'd like a free Otter Box Defender.)
    12-26-2014 11:41 PM
  3. farmboy_101's Avatar
    Thank you for the response. They gave me a second SIM card and it did not ask me for a pin code this time. The SIM change registered in the phone and changed at US Cell account but still not working. This is a bit of an odd situation, I purchased the phone for use on a corporate account which my local store does not have access to but they have been good to help me. So I am having to work through my companies corporate phone folks along with US cell business acct folks. Cant do anything without permission from my company- so I have to have all parties on the phone. I understand why but it just makes it a laborious process. I can't figure out whether it is that tough of a problem or if some step in the process has been missed altogether. This is a phone I purchased from someone else who supposedly purchased it directly from US Cell but then wound up never activating it. No software modifications have been made. Phone is not stolen or tied to a delinquent account. Phone looks new, I can use WIFI and surf the web fine. Everything seems to work except cannot make calls. Could it be that I need to simply take it to a store and get it activated? Any further guidance would be much appreciated.
    12-27-2014 08:40 AM

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