1. Elizabeth Wright1's Avatar
    So I got a galaxy tab pro 8.4 for Christmas from my Grandma, along with a case from my mother. I've used the tablet yesterday and on Christmas with no problems whatsoever, so last night when I went to bed I plugged my tablet into the bathroom because I didn't want it to charge in my room.

    When I woke up the next morning and tried to turn it on, the screen and all the buttons except for the power button refused to work. I couldn't open my lockscreen or turn up the volume or anything like that. There wasn't even a screen touch sound when I pressed the off-screen buttons or the screen. I turned it off and on three times and nothing worked. The boot up screen came on but I was still unable to use the device.

    When I plugged in the device last night, the charger was securely in the socket (my tablet is charged to about 98%). The bathroom was not steamy or humid (no one had taken a shower in it that day) and there was no water on the counter, plus the tablet was in a case. Both the charger and tablet were dry when I woke up this morning.
    What could be wrong with it? Does anyone know?
    12-27-2014 08:23 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Are you able to Power Off the device, followed by a Restart?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    12-27-2014 08:34 AM
  3. Elizabeth Wright1's Avatar
    Yup, I'm able to power it off and restart but that's about all it will do.
    12-27-2014 09:01 AM

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