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    I have a rooted Galaxy S4 with an annoying issue that has been quite persistent. Specifically, every time I restart the phone the quick buttons in the notification panel change to a configuration I didn't specify. It doesn't matter if I "reset" the changes; as soon as I restart the phone, they're back.

    The phone was recently (about two days ago) wiped via FDR. Thinking this might be an issue with Apex Launcher, my preferred launcher of choice, I uninstalled that app and tried Nova. No luck. I then uninstalled both of them and went back to the factory TouchWiz launcher (ugh). No luck. Every single time I restart the phone the quick buttons panel resets.

    If I could disable the notification panel and go with a third-party app I'd do that, but that appears to be a non-starter itself. No matter what I do, the notification panel seems to be hell-bent on resetting itself to some weird function I've absolutely never specified.


    1: How the notification panel appears on boot


    2: The "Notification panel" settings


    3: After resetting the settings to default


    4: The correct notification panel


    5: Fresh off a reboot, no settings changed

    12-28-2014 12:34 PM

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