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    Hello all, as the title says my Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S are extremely slow on my home WiFi. My phone's 4G is much faster, but I don't have unlimited data so I'd prefer WiFi. However, my laptop that is connected via WiFi is quite fast. The rest of my devices are wired.

    I have Verizon FIOS, and I pay for the 150mbps speed. I'm using the Verizon supplied Actiontec Router. I get 157 upload and 153 download via speedtest.net on my desktop. I haven't done a speedtest on my mobile devices, but my tablet shows my WiFi connection as Very Strong and a link speed of 130mbps.

    I think the issue is more of a stability issue than speed. When I actually do download something it's quick, but web pages time out often, and loading pages and videos is painfully slow. I did google this issue awhile ago and someone suggested changing the IP settings from DHCP to Static and manually entering the IP. I did that, and it seemed to work for about a day and then it went back to being slow.

    What are your suggestions? Switch back to DHCP? Modify the router's settings? Download and run the WiFi fixer app?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    12-29-2014 01:08 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's something going on and, even though I spent years analyzing problems like these, I'm retired, so I've found 2 situations and a solution for each, and I'm not working on it any more.

    1) Make sure that your router is set for AES encryption. Some Android devices on some later versions of Android (mine kicked in on the Note 3 at 4.4.2) seem to have a problem with TKIP or TKIP+AES. VERY slow connection. You can turn on the guest account to fix it on some routers, but that's an unencrypted connection, so it's not a good solution. Which brings up

    2) Buy a Netgear N300 router. I know, Linksys or D-Link forever. My old (VERY old) Linky WRT54G solved the problem for about a week, until it finally died (I had retired it and bought a new Linky because I had a feeling it wasn't going to last much longer). But the new Linkys and D-Links just don't work with some phones, so I figured let's still get some quality but get far away from Linksys and D-Link. (I called Linksys about it - the old company - pre-Cisco - would have been all over it in a minute, but today it seems as if the attitude is "we already got your money, so we're not interested in talking to you".) So I picked up a Netgear, knowing I could return it if it didn't work. It works. Full speed (I only have 20mbps, but I don't need even that much - how fast can I type? My wife uses maybe 3mbps bandwidth at most at any given time, and posting a response wouldn't work much slower on dial-up), the Facebook app loads videos instantly and only $35. Before I retired, my hour was worth a lot more than that.
    12-30-2014 02:59 PM

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