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    1. My Tracfone LG Ultimate 2 LGL41C phone is missing the "colors" option in the Daydream function. Is there a way to get it on this phone?

    I also have a Tracfone LG Fuel LGL34C that has the "colors" option - can I copy it from the Fuel to the Ultimate 2? If so, where is this information stored in the filing system on the phone? I have tried searching with several different search strings but I can't seem to get the right combination - Google just comes up with "hey, check out Daydream! It has colors!!" kind of stuff.

    2. Is it possible to install more fonts and screen effects so they show up in the settings list, like ringtones, instead of as separate icons on the home screen?

    Note: I have tried going to LG SmartWorld but it tells me that my LG phone isn't an LG device. Perhaps this phone will be added in the future. I have also tried downloading font "apps", but they don't integrate into the font selection screen. When I launch the app, it just takes me to the regular font selection screen with the original choices.
    12-29-2014 08:19 PM

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