1. Hayedid's Avatar
    Hi. I just got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I am having 2 problems with "Ok Google"

    1) I can do an 'Ok Google' and the phone will beep I can then say something like 'Navigate to some address' and rather than start navigation, it will search the internet for 'Navigate to some address'. The same thing happens with every other command.

    2) If I am in the lock screen, I can say 'Ok Google' and the phone will beep, but it does not wake up to do anything. This worked when I got it, then it quit working. I tried various settings and turning the settings off and back on and nothing helped. Finally, I did a factory reset, turned the Ok Google on Lock Screen back on and it started working. Now it has quit again (I didn't change any settings) and I don't want to do another factory reset.

    Any ideas. I really want to like this phone and I am sure I will if I can get these two things working. They are they primary reason I got the phone.

    *EDIT* I did find that the 'set alarm' command works fine if I am unlocked.

    Thank you.
    12-30-2014 12:11 AM
  2. Kentws7's Avatar
    I just bought three Samsung GalaxyS5 phones with Verizon as the carrier. One for me, one for my wife and one for my wife's parents.

    I started using "ok google" and I had the same issue, all it would do is search the web for whoever I tried to call or text.

    Then, one day it started working, not sure why, I did nothing different, but it works now. My wife's phone is different. She says "ok google call Kent" and it asks her home or mobile. No matter what she says, it gets stuck there and will not go on. My in-laws phone, all it does is search the web when trying to use "ok google" to dial a number, as mine used to do. WTF?

    I have spent hours on forums looking for a solution and there are several 'methods' that seem to work for some, but not others.

    I am a Network Engineer and am somewhat new to smart phones. While I have ample IT knowledge, my smart phone experience is minimal. One thing that really pisses me off is that Samsung, Android and Google push out these devices & software that are riddled with all kinds of bugs and they have very little support to resolve these asinine issues. I am about to dump these phones in Lake Erie and go back to a flip phone. I was under the impression that these smart phones functioned at a pretty high level, when in reality, they are flaky peaces of crap. If the industry I work in, say Cisco, pushed out garbage like this, they would not be in business very long and would have a terrible reputation. Maybe it's because I am spoiled because I am used to a stable PC or that the vast majority of smart phone users are young and ignorant of what an actual decent product should be. I just find wasting hours searching forums trying to fix my smart phone a total waste of my time. I bought these phones for the convenience they can give, yet I find myself constantly googling a fix to anything I try to do with these buggy devices. I take a grain of salt on any positive review of these smart phones by these untrained IT midgets. If it were a server, router or switch that had bugs like this, it would be a big time failure. Unbelievable.
    01-06-2015 04:49 PM

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