1. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    Sorry for the noon question but I'm new to android coming from IOS and was wondering does Google do a major update like iOS once a year or do they take updates in small portions than big?
    01-04-2015 10:03 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Google usually does a major update to a new version of Android yearly. There are incremental updates throughout the year, however.
    01-05-2015 12:15 AM
  3. cherrybean's Avatar
    Yes, and the newest version is Android5.0 Lollipop which is quite hot now
    01-05-2015 03:37 AM
  4. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    But not everyone has it yet? And not everyone will have it until the summer after when google announces their next new update?
    01-06-2015 11:41 PM

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