1. magicalstephie's Avatar
    I have googled to no avail. I have a Galaxy S5, android 4.4.4. I had this problem with my s3, and now my s5. My mom has an s4 and has the issue as well.

    When I'm on a phone call the screen will turn on and off. This makes it impossible to end the call or use the touchscreen to enter in digits while calling automated systems. It does not occur every time I'm on the phone. I've tried the power button and the button on the bottom (what would what be called??) and neither have done anything during the call to stop the issue.

    If ANYONE has a way to fix this I'd be grateful. It's obnoxious!
    01-06-2015 10:22 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    That's odd. I've owned quite a bunch of Samsung devices and have never had that issue. It seems, however, that the problem could be the proximity sensor. Are you using any kind of plastic cover or case that might be blocking it? When you're on a phone call and to avoid 'cheek dialing', the screen is supposed to turn off and turn back on when you put your phone away from your face.

    The bottom button in the middle, by the way, is called the HOME button
    01-06-2015 10:36 AM
  3. AZgl1500's Avatar
    Yes, it is a PITA and is extremely difficult to break the cycle.

    On our S5s, both of them, I use the Home Key to break down to the command prompt level (don't always work)
    I also try to use the Double Menu button (sometimes works)

    I have found two things that Always Work though.
    • Turn the speaker phone ON forcing the screen to stay on,
    • use a Bluetooth headset for important calls when I know in advance, that I will have to be entering digits to answer Automated Attendants (I despise those things)

    On my wife's S5, because she does not wish to learn Android ever...... the simple way out of this problem was
    • Use Voice Answer
    • use MacroDroid to force Speakerphone ON for every call period.

    she will never make outbound calls, the world is supposed to call her.

    So, for you, the minute you answer a call, turn Speakerphone ON, or use a Bluetooth headset.

    I have yet to find a menu setting that will stop that idiotic blanking of the screen on an Android phone. It is a PITA and as you already said, makes the phone useless. You make a call, put the phone to your ear to hear the auto attendant, remove from your ear to enter a digit and just as your fingers are about to touch the keypad, the screen blanks....... argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have done a pretty good job by setting the Screen Timeout to 10 minutes, that helps a lot........ try that.... I always use the Power Button to blank the screen when I want it to. But on a voice call, only Speakerphone and Bluetooth stop the blanking action.
    01-06-2015 02:27 PM
  4. James Baker5's Avatar
    So, is there an answer for this issue? My S4 mini and now my S5 do the same thing. Very annoying when using the teleprompts and the screen takes forever -1 sec to re illuminate the screen. I've actually had several hang ups because I took too long to enter a value due to my screen being off. In fact, my old S4 mini used to lock the screen during longer calls, and to hang up, I'd have to unlock the phone first.

    I found the "Smart Stay" but that actually sound like what it's doing, only staying on if you're looking at the screen. Mine is off, yet it still does the smart stay function.

    Perhaps it's the case I have as you mentioned, perhaps we should all be using our phones not so much, as phones... WTH, really annoying.
    05-29-2015 11:54 AM

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