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    So first off, I have had extreme OCD since I was about 7. I usually compulse (compulse isn't a real word but it should be) over tiny blemishes and scratches on my possessions. The most effective and common solution recommended by most therapist is to simply remove the object.

    I purchased a brand new Galaxy Note 4 recently and realized that I could not receive text at the correct time and phone calls only worked half the time. So talked to a AT&T support worker in person and he replaced my sim card, which did not solve the problem. The next day I talked to the same person at the AT&T store and said that the problem persist. There was nothing he could really do at that point because i had already factory reset my phone and I was sure the problem was just that AT&T sucks. He must have felt bad and offered me a brand new Note 4 replacement because he suggested that the phone itself could be the problem.. which I highly doubt because it runs perfectly fine. I ended up taking the deal because he said it would be brand new and might solve my issue.

    However I received an email the day after stating that a refurbished phone would arrive Saturday and not a new phone as the worker had claimed. After doing some research about refurbished phones I found that they might have scratches and blemishes. I know for a fact that the Note 4 chrome aluminum bezel is extremely thin and easy to scratch because my friend had his phone scratched up by a bad case. I realize that most people will not care or even noticed tiny scratches on their devices but I sure will. Even micro scratches that are thinner than a single hair would be to much for me.

    I unboxed my Note 4 while wearing gloves and placed it in a $60 case to ensure not a single mark or fingerprint was on the phone and I expect no one else to take this kind of care. My problem is that the refurbished phone is already being shipped to me and it states that I must ship my current phone back or else I have to pay a $646 fine.

    If I end up stuck with a refurbished phone with even one single micro scratch I will have to get rid off it because it would just cause more problems for me than it helps. I'm a extremely productive and organized person and I rely on my smartphone for planning, fitness, school work, and other things.

    What condition do refurbished phones come in usually?
    Is there a way I can refuse to take the refurbished phone if it has a scratch?
    01-07-2015 06:37 PM
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    Did you call AT&T? If so what did they say. I got a refurbished phone from verizon before and they allowed me to return the refurbished phone and keep my original phone.

    The condition very I have had some that were practically brand new and sound that has some minor cosmetic damage

    Sent from my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    01-08-2015 12:27 AM

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