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    So I finally made the switch from iPhone to a note 3 and I have to say I am really enjoying it. I am having a problem with the sview case right now. When I am looking at the home screen and close the case, the sview window shows up as it should. After a few seconds the sview window will "crash" (only way I know to describe it) and I see my home screen thru the sview window. Sometimes this will cause the phone to stay on till the battery dies even if it is just in my pocket. Other times it will cause the phone to reboot over and over. I have booted it up in safe mode and had the same results. I also reset the device via the setting menu and started over. I called samsung and they want 70$ and take my phone for a week to see if they can fix it. I figured I would check here to see if anybody has a suggestion first. If it matters I am running 4.4.4 and have tried different launchers with the same results.

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    01-11-2015 09:32 AM

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