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  1. itsmejessica's Avatar
    Seems that after the last update.. all my 'learned' words are gone, won't save any words, won't 'learn from my messages'... I just get a keyboard stopped working message when I go to predictive text settings to try to fix it... I've had every galaxy and this one has had so many problems it's so annoying, even feels cheap. Oh well. Anyone have this annoying issue?

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    Attached Thumbnails wtf predictive text.. galaxy s5..-screenshot_2015-01-12-23-01-08.jpg  
    01-12-2015 11:06 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Which update? Not Lollipop? (That's so full of bugs they should have gone back down the alphabet and called "Flea Circus".)
    01-12-2015 11:15 PM

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