1. Francis Lou Barbosa's Avatar
    i have recently buy a new battery on my unit and my battery life goes okey 18hours on normal use sms and call but when it reach to 50% the battery drops down quick to 1% what are the possible problem of my mobile unit?
    01-12-2015 11:12 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Where did you get the battery? Was it from a well-established electronics store, or a random seller on eBay? Batteries can be defective (or maybe it actually wasn't brand new). You could try that battery on another phone, or try another battery on your phone.

    You could also remove the battery, lay it flat on a table, and try to spin it. If it spins freely, that strongly suggests a defective battery, since it's bulging in the middle. But a battery that doesn't spin doesn't rule out a defect, so this test only serves to confirm a problem.
    01-13-2015 01:22 AM
  3. superuser86's Avatar
    Is it a genuine battery? Cheaper batteries do this. They have issue holding charge. Check the a/h of the battery and see if it's the same as your original
    01-13-2015 01:24 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Look at the battery page in Settings/General. Tap the graph and you'll get a second graph. Do that after the battery drops like that. If the graph shows that the voltage "falls off a cliff" - basically a vertical line in just about 0 time - the battery is growing a dendrite and, technically, it should be replaced for free. (Technically, but most companies won't replace batteries, unless they ship you the wrong one or it got damaged in shipping [like broken or crushed].)
    01-13-2015 11:06 PM

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