1. jorden vanmeensel's Avatar
    01-13-2015 12:15 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    So I finally switched from my iPhone 4s to a HTC one M7 (awesome phone btw!).

    I do have one little problem, on iOS there is a shortcut option in the keyboard which i find very usefull for texting with my girlfriend.

    example: I type "lyt" and the text automatically switches to "love you too" or "<3<3<3".

    I know this sounds kinda dull, but when i'm at a red light and rapidly have to type a text to her this feature is a big time saver!
    You'll need to look for a third party keyboard that offers shortcut inputs. I would suggest looking at an alternative, such as SwiftKey, which will remember what you try to make texting more efficient.
    01-13-2015 01:51 PM

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