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    I've been with at&t for 15 years, had the galaxy s2 for two years, no problems. Then the s4 for two years, no problems. Last month I got the note 4 at my local AT&T store, within 3 days it starting dropping calls and completely losing all service, for no reason at all. I'll be in a place with very solid 4G coverage, look at my phone, and there are no bars showing up on the scale. Have gotten several voicemails when the phone didn't even ring, because of having no service. When it does this it also wont bring up a Web page. Called AT&T, they said I had 14 days to return it, so I took it back and they put in a new SIM card, thinking that was the problem. It didn't change anything. It still happens about every 3 days I turn the phone off , wait 3 minutes, problem solved.

    I use this phone for business so I can't afford for clients to call and not get through to me. Thinking I will have to have AT&T send me a new one and send this one back, but I'm worried that they will send me a refurbished one and I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT. Checked to see if there was a software update thinking it might fix it, but there isn't one available right now.

    What should I do?
    01-14-2015 12:49 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Bring it into a Device Support Center (ask at your store where the nearest one is) and ask them to replace it. If it's within 14 days, you should get a new one, but this Note 3 is a refurb, 11 months since I got it, and I'm sitting in a waiting room at the VA answering posts with it.
    01-14-2015 01:35 PM
  3. baknforth101's Avatar
    It's now a month old. Not sure about nearby service locations. it's kind of like having an odd problem with your car. Take it to the mechanic, they can't locate the problem. Soon as you leave the parking lot, the problem shows back up. They couldn't find anything wrong with it at the at&t store, so just replaced the SIM card and said if that doesn't fix it, then it would have to be sent back for a new one. Just wondering if there is anything I can do to fix it
    01-14-2015 04:02 PM
  4. baknforth101's Avatar
    Poverty bump. Anybody???
    01-15-2015 08:19 AM

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