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    Guys I have an Asus Memo Pad HD 7 8GB Model number : ME173x Android version : 4.2.2 Kernal Version : 3.4.5

    I have this problem with my tablet is that it freezes with a white screen randomly when i am working. It happen when I am playing games, listening to music, and sometime when I am just sliding through the menu. I tried hard resetting and deleting he cache as mentioned as some fixes for this problem. But it keeps happening. # and I encountered another problem. When I go to the recovery mode, I see the Android bot lying with the chest open saying 'no command'. I looked at some guides and tried to install a custom ROM. I successfully rooted my device. BUT no matter how I follow the tutorials I can't continue from there. I don't know how to install CWM to my device .... can anyone pleas help me to do this ? I tried a lot of tutorials ... some recommended using ROM MAnager. But it says my device doesn't have a compatible CWM version. I tried copying CWM.img file to the SD card and boot via recovery mode ... but then again the bot laying with the chest open pops up ... plz help me guys ... Thanks ... And pardon me for my English ....
    01-15-2015 07:49 AM

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