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    Hey guys. This is my first posting a thread here. I have a Verizon LG G3. Last night, it accidentally had dropped into the toilet, and I quickly picked it. Checked the phone, and there was no visible moisture damage in the front of the screen. Removed the cover off the back of the phone, and there a tiny bit of moisture around the flash, but the battery and everything around it was dry.. The indicators inside the battery holders are still red x's with a white background, and they are dry. The phone still worked like normal, and didn't short over night. 14 hours later, it was still working normally, but for preventative measures I went ahead, and took out the battery and turn off the phone.

    At this point, am I out of the woods or is there anything else I need to do?
    01-15-2015 01:22 PM
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    It depends on whether water is inside the phone, which we can't know. I very much hope that it isn't.
    Read this article by Rukbat:

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    01-15-2015 03:55 PM

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