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    I have pretty unique question. I bought a 2013 Nexus 7 about eight months ago, and the touch screen isn't working. This is a bit of a long story, but bear with me.

    I dropped it, while charging, and the charging port stopped working. This was about three months ago. The port worked when a pressure was applied, but eventually it finally gave, and the micro USB completely snapped off of the board. I bought a new charging board from Skyline Engineering(off of Amazon), and installed it. It charged, but then the screen didn't work. It would display, but it wouldn't respond to any touch at all.

    I tried several different things:
    -Taking off the screen protector
    -Trying the old board again(once the battery was charged)
    -Taking out the board, and disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cable that goes to the screen.
    -Disconnecting and reconnecting all easily cables that were easy to access(including the battery)
    -Turning it off and on again(multiple times)
    -Flipping around the wide silver cable that goes over the battery(as in taking the end that goes into the board and putting it into where the other end goes)

    Any ideas? Anything I missed? I'm willing to take anything apart that does NOT involve soldering.
    Thanks in advance!
    01-16-2015 05:43 PM

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