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    I am from India, and I own a HTC Butterfly X920D. Recently, I have started facing a problem - of battery percentage level fluctuating randomly and phone shutting down without warning. For example, I put my phone on charge today, and the battery indicator didn't move beyond 50%, but after some time it indicated 100% directly.

    Secondly, there are times when the battery indicator shows 30% or 40% level but would abruptly switch off. And when I would put it back on charge, it will start from 0% (effectively meaning that that battery was already dead even when the percentage bar was showing 30% or 40%).

    Thirdly, suppose my phone is showing 80% right now, if I will shut it off an restart it, the battery percentage level would drop by around 20-30% and show 55-60% or something similar.

    I have already got battery replaced, but the problem persists. Also, I have done factory reset many times, it works fine for just a day or so and then I start facing the same problem.

    Can someone please guide how to resolve these issues?
    01-17-2015 07:30 AM
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    Welcome to AC. ☺

    Firstly, are you using good-quality batteries? ....Because it still sounds like a battery problem to me.
    If it's not that, then I guess the phone may have an internal fault, requiring the attentions of a qualified repairer.
    I suppose you could try calibrating the battery but I doubt that it would solve the problem.

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    01-17-2015 07:50 AM
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    Thanks for the welcome
    The replacement battery is of good quality, have got it checked. I have tried calibrating the battery too, but no luck there. Rather, I got the replacement battery just to clear if the problem is caused by a faulty battery, else I think the original battery didn't need a replacement do soon (i bought my phone 11 months back only)

    To add to my concern, the phone restart option is also not working, when I select the option the phone switches off but never boots back automatically. In fact, the power button feature is not working fine too, at times to start my phone, I have to boot 3-4 times to see the startup screen; else I hear the phone turning on but the screen remains blank.

    I am wondering if all these issues are related to the phone's own software. Any thoughts?

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    01-17-2015 04:19 PM
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    I have the power to command, or at least request, advice from smartphone geniuses. Stand by.

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    01-17-2015 04:41 PM
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    Is the phone still covered by its warranty?

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    01-17-2015 05:14 PM
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    1) If you constantly use the battery until the phone tells you to recharge it (around 10%), 11 months is a LONG time for it to last. The longest life (years, in some cases) comes when you charge it at 40%-50%.

    2) If the phone doesn't restart, when you start it manually, how fully charged is the battery after it does restart?

    3) About the new battery, what do you mean you "got it checked"? The only way to do that is to tear the battery down and do a chemical and physical analysis of it. As you'll see if you read Is My Battery Shot?, measuring the voltage of a battery tells you that there's a battery inside the case, and it's probably a lithium-cobalt battery - nothing else. It could be a battery that's about to die or one that's brand new and in excellent condition.

    However, if a known-good battery (one taken from a phone that has no problems) still shows the same problems, then it's a problem internal to the phone.

    If, as Belodion asked, the phone is still under warranty and if, as is true in some, but not all, countries, the warranty includes replacing the phone, have it replaced. Otherwise, have it repaired. Make a full backup first in either case - the first thing a repair shop will do is wipe all your data. Keep ALL paperwork - if the repair doesn't actually repair the phone (as is common in India), you have the date of the original repair, and the date the phone was returned to you, even if the phone is returned to you after the warranty expired. (The repair warranty, normally 90 days, starts when you receive the phone back.) Keep copies of all correspondence too.
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    01-17-2015 09:17 PM
  7. Shruti Prakash's Avatar
    Thanks Belodion! The phone's warranty is about to expire in next 15 days.

    Thanks Rukbat for your response

    I will share some battery percentage-related observations here after I removed my phone from full charge today morning: I checked my phone after 6 hours of being fully charged, it had used 43% battery as per GSam Battery Monitor stats and also as per the HTC battery info. At this point in time, I restarted the phone - the battery lever dropped massively from 57% to 4% . I again restarted the phone after copule of minutes - the level had slightly moved up to 6% from 4%. I put the phone on charge then, but I observed after 1 hour 51 minutes that the battery percentage is stuck at 59% and not moving at all. I again restarted the phone (took me around two minutes to bring the screen alive) and the percentage showed 79%. Now after 20 minutes, the battery shows 100%.

    I think something is really wrong with my phone, now the restart button is working but it now says - "Restarting your phone will clear temporary files out of memory" - something that I hadn't seen before on my phone. Also, there is a scetion called Highlights in Gallery of HTC Butterfly which basically stores those pictures which one frequently visits. All of a sudden, I am observing that it shows 101 items under Highlights (the number is fixed at 101). It is constantly storing images under Highlights even when I am removing them from Highlights section.

    I am sorry about saying "got the battery checked", I only meant that I was given a supposedly new battery with 6 months warranty by the seller / repairing shop, so I presumed that it is in good condition. In fact, this is the second replacement battery (the shop guy changed the replacement battery within 15 days to ensure that it is not the fault of the battery, so basically my phone has had 2 new batteries tested on it in last one month).

    You are right, I have hardly seen phones being replaced here by the service centres. So, am kind of sure that when I take the phone to the HTC service centre they are going to repair it and not replace it. Thanks for all the useful tips shared by you on how to handle communication at the service centre, I will definitely keep them in mind.

    Do you and Belodion have some more thoughts about what could possibly be wrong with the phone?

    Thanks a lot for your guidance, truly value it

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    01-18-2015 07:56 AM
  8. belodion's Avatar
    My experience of repairing phones is zero, and my knowledge of how they work is very close to zero. From your description, I'm afraid I'm unable to make any diagnosis about the likely cause of the trouble. Sorry.

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    01-18-2015 09:20 AM
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    Without actually testing the phone it's all guesses. There could be a short in the hardware somewhere. The firmware could be corrupted. You're listing conflicting symptoms, so I'd have to run my own tests to see what the phone is doing and what the battery is doing (testing each one separately). Since the phone is under warranty, the dealer isn't going to bother with any of that. He gives you another phone, returns this one to his distributor, who eventually (through I don't know how many intermediate companies) returns it to HTC - who ultimately decides whether it pays to fix it or to just scrap it. It doesn't cost the dealer as much time or money to replace the phone as it does to replace the battery (that takes a few minutes - replacing the phone takes as long as it takes to be polite to you - and costs him no money).

    Make sure you have everythng backed up - apps, data, everything. I use App Backup & Restore for apps (so I can restore individual ones without restoring the backup program first) and Helium to back up data (you can back up apps with it too). If your phone isn't rooted, Helium will tell you to download a file to your PC and connect the phone to the PC. That's to allow it to operate on a non-rooted phone. I use SMS Backup & Restore to back up texts. Emails are backed up at GMail and if your contacts were entered as Google account contacts, they're at Google Contacts. (If not, use MyPhoneExplorer to back them up.) (The folder names to copy to your PC or laptop are obvious except for Helium's, which is named carbon, after the app's original name.)
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    01-18-2015 03:09 PM
  10. Shruti Prakash's Avatar
    Thanks Belodion, much appreciated you did help a lot indeed.

    Hi Rukbat, I have backed up all my data, thanks for listing the apps, I have used them. Indeed it is a frustrating situation with new and random problems being discovered everyday with my phone

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    01-19-2015 03:24 AM

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