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    So, I just got an LG G3 on AT&T's Next program, which means I have to keep the phone in good shape in order to trade it in if I want to when the time comes.

    Can anyone recommend a case that will absorb impact well, but not be too big. Caseless, the phone fits in my hand just fine, but I'm a bit concerned too big a case might change that. I understand though that such a case that I'm asking about may not exist.

    As bad as it is, I still have the plastic over my screen until I get a screen protector (I know this won't protect the screen much, but it will at least block smudges, lol). Any recommendations here?

    Thanks in advance, I'm glad to keep being an LG owner (previous phone was a LG Shine that lasted me nearly 6 years).
    01-18-2015 01:19 AM

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