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    Hi. I have an HTC One m7 europe, carrier unlocked, sense version. I'm looking for a way to:

    - Get rid of the stupid HTC software bugging me all the time and the sense interface I never use
    - Finally upgrade to Lollipop

    In order to do this, I understand that I should first convert from sense to GPE.
    After that I would be able to flash a lollipop image. However, this is not working at all. What I already dit is unlock the device using HTCDev and install openrecovery-twrp- Then I made a backup. Before I can install an GPE RUU I should now S-OFF, right? I tried this using moonshine but it fails.

    Then I realized that the "ROM version" column is the required ROM version on the device inorder for the specific patch to work. Right?
    In that case, if I go to settings -> software information I now have software number '6.09.401.11' the highest number mentiond on the moonshine download page for the HTC one europe linux is '1.29.....'. So how do I proceed from here?
    01-18-2015 04:11 AM

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