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    Just got the z3. Absolutely love it. Used to have the iphone 5 and this is better in every way. Except one. The audio output in my car is 40% worse than my iphone. I don't mean just the volume either. The lower volume I can handle as my car audio sound system can always go higher. I mean the sound quality.
    I attribute this to a couple of things. First I used to use a USB for my iphone so since the processing is done by the car audio and amp this resulted in excellent music quality. Now I have no choice but to use auxiliary input or Bluetooth. So far I have tested the aux only and I am so disappointed it's killing me. Music in my car is of utmost importance to me I must fix this.

    Please any suggestions? I haven't tried the DSEEX HX thing in the car yet, only on earphones and I didn't really like it anyway. In the car toggling all the other settings makes a difference, but minimal. Mostly I hear a difference when I change the headphone settings. I liked one more than the others, but still unacceptable quality for me.

    I hear about all these DAC/AMP things. I really don't understand it. If someone could explain to me which one of those I would need, or don't need. I feel like they would be my only way to return to acceptable music quality. Another impedance is that I use mostly spotify so all the walkman app perks aren't really that beneficial to me.

    Please somebody help. This problem is very frustrating. It is the only thing stopping me from being happy with my purchase.
    01-18-2015 04:23 AM
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    There are apps in the Play Store which will allow you to customize the audio settings. See if any of those help or try using a different auxiliary cable and see if that helps.
    01-18-2015 08:41 AM
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    Hey! Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know part of the problem is the auxiliary cord I have. I will get a better one. However, I only see that as a temporary fix. I've been reading about DAC as much as possible and trying to understand. I believe they are the only solution to my problem. I'm not looking for a suggestion of a particular one, but I'd like to know what kind I would need and if it is compatible with the xperia z3. From what I know DAC's should be compatible with it because it has an option for high quality sound over DAC or USB i forget which it said. Maybe both.

    So my question is. What kind of DAC do I need? Do I need a DAC/amp or just DAC? I assume there are ones that can be charged through the USB of my headunit. I have a decent sound system in my car, I'd like to take advantage of it. That's all.

    Is my logic sound? or am i speaking garbage?

    Thanks to anybody who replies.

    PS: I don't want to look into software and apps because the quality is so far off from my standard that I doubt any software can fix that. Also my music files are good quality and I used to play the same ones before with my Iphone with satisfactory quality over USB. Also it was nice to be able to use the stereo to play/pause/next, but I guess that's not really a big deal
    01-18-2015 01:03 PM

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