1. AC Question's Avatar
    It's a Samsung SCH-S738C from straight talk
    01-18-2015 07:09 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Could be a lot of things, but most often it's due to some app you installed that is making the system unstable. Does it freeze up randomly, or only while using certain apps?

    Try uninstalling apps one by one, starting with the most recently installed ones. Alternatively, back up your data and do a full factory reset, then start reinstalling apps slowly, one by one.
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    01-18-2015 11:08 PM
  3. ladybiggdawg's Avatar
    I did the obvious and deleted apps I felt could be and the I hard reset my phone and it still locked up. but as I was setting my phone back up it did recognized email as I signed n and it recovered some of my info should I try it with out letting any of my info on the phone.its a samsung sch-s738c
    02-27-2016 02:51 AM

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