1. AC Question's Avatar
    I've seen this problem posted on a few other sites but none with solutions.

    On the 14th Jan (5 days ago) email stopped sending from the built-in email app on my LG G3.

    Gmail (APP) email still works (send and receive).
    I can still RECEIVE email to the built in email app.

    BUT I cant send email on the built in app.

    I type the email, press send, and it disappears. It doesn't go to sent or outbox. Just vanishes.

    I have synced all the accounts manually (all of them - this applied to all emails I have through the built-in email app). Nada.

    Help greatly appreciated.
    01-19-2015 09:07 AM
  2. iloz's Avatar
    I hope you get a fix from somewhere and I get some ideas for my problem which is exactly the opposite to yours: I can use the email app.,but the Gmail app.is not
    02-02-2015 07:43 PM

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