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    So I recently just rooted my SM-900V Verizon S5. I have it on the latest version of android and rooted using Towelroot by Geohot (for those interested how I managed to make towelroot work on the latest version, I flashed the stock NCG kernel using Odin, rooted it, and then flashed the latest NK2 kernel again). So with people saying there are a lot of amazing things to do with root, what are they? What I really would like to know is how to improve battery life. I do have Greenify with the donation package so I can greenify system apps and I also have it running in root mode so it automatically hibernates apps. I also have SetCPU and modified some CPU settings on there so I conserve power when the phone is sleeping. I also tried JuiceDefender but after installing that, my phone's battery dropped 10% within an hour and started heating up so I immediately uninstalled that. Even with all the measures I have taken to increase its battery, I haven't seen much change in battery life. The one thing I hate is when the phone is sleeping and loosing battery. It looses battery at random times and I just don't feel comfortable using the phone a lot because of battery life. If there is anything you guys can do, either from downloading an app to flashing another power saving kernel or linking an xposed module, I would really be thankful. There have to be some people with great tips out there and can help me out with this battery problem. Thank You.
    01-19-2015 09:25 AM

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