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    having problems with phone want to back up all numbers apps and files what is most cheapest and convient way
    01-19-2015 01:17 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Google Drive. Dropbox. Any free cloud account.

    If you enter all your contacts as Google Account contacts (not Device, Phone or SIM contacts), they're already backed up to your Google account. (If they aren't entered as Google contacts, run MyPhoneExplorer, copy a contact, paste it and you can edit the type in the pasted copy, then delete the original. (That's the one thing wrong with Contacts - you can't edit the type.)

    Apps? I use App Backup & Restore and save its backup folder on two cloud accounts. (If both of them, my phone and my desktop all crash at the same time, I have a bigger problem than my backups - like which planet I'm going to move to.) I use Helium to back up the apps' data. (It'll back up the apps too, but the backups in AP&R can be restored individually without first restoring AB&R. Handy if I just want to quickly restore an app I uninstalled because I though I'd never use it again. I also back up every version of apps I use all the time - like Maps - so that when they "improve" the app to the point that it's useless, I can install the older version.) Its backup folder is named carbon, so that's what you save to the cloud. I use SMS Backup & Restore to back up my messages. For pictures, documents, etc., I just drag them to where I want them backed up.

    It's all free. Most convenient? No. But no backup app can know what I want backed up and what I don't want backed up. I can. I don't want all my pictures backed up. I don't want all my documents backed up. I back up what I want backed up, not what some app thinks I want backed up. (It's more "convenient" to go into a restaurant and say "feed me" than to spend time reading the menu, then making a choice, but who always lets the waiter decide what he's going to eat? Sometimes - if you know the waiter and can trust him? Maybe. Not a perfect analogy.)
    01-19-2015 05:09 PM

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