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    I just got my first smart phone, and I am so lost. I wanted to get Verizon's Total Mobile Protection Plan, but the site says it is a rip-off, and I don't like Mcafee anti-virus either. But no one said what is good. I got the phone at Best Buy. Verizon's plan offers more for the money. I hope someone can answer me quickly. Verizon says I only have so many days after buying the phone to get the protection plan.
    01-19-2015 03:23 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! First, it's debatable how important antivirus apps are at this time. Google will actually periodically scan the apps on your device for malware, if you let them, so this makes 3rd party antivirus apps somewhat superfluous (although just like on PCs, some antivirus can detect certain malware better than others). https://support.google.com/accounts/.../2812853?hl=en

    With Android, viruses have to be installed by the user--i.e, the user has to give permission for a malicious app to install. So malware writers will try to fool you into thinking you're installing a game (or even an antivirus app), when in fact it's malware. You need to be careful where you surf, what you click on, and what you install. Here are some tips:

    1. Avoid browsing shady websites, like gambling, porn, filesharing sites (with illegally pirated movies and games), etc.
    2. Never click on any button or link in a popup when browsing a site, even if it warns you that you have a virus. That's always some kind of scare ad intended to make you install some useless or harmful app.
    3. Stick with reputable app sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.
    4. Before installing an app from any app source, look through a fair number of reviews for red flags (like mentions of unwanted ads or suspected malware).

    If you do want to use an antivirus app, check out the rankings from av-test.org: Test antivirus software for Android - November 2014 | AV-TEST

    I think insurance is usually a decent choice, even if you think you're always careful with your devices. All it takes is one mistake or episode of absent-mindedness, and your phone is smashed on the floor. It might not have cost that much if you got it as part of a new activation or upgrade, but remember that if you're not yet eligible for an upgrade and need a new phone, it may cost upwards of $400-600. When I had Verizon, I got the monthly Asurion insurance, which at the time was $6-8/month, but I'm not sure what it's like now. It's worth checking out other plans like SquareTrade, which is good, but only covers damage, and not theft or loss.
    01-21-2015 11:59 PM

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