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    I need to replace my S3 Mini and need this feature, which usually goes unadvertised or at best noted as a 'test port'. So I need to be able to plug in the patch lead (with the battery still in) directly to the the phone. I do not want a passive connection.

    The S3 Mini and the other old Samsung smartphone I used to have worked perfectly, enabling the internal antenna when the patch lead was removed.

    Any help would be great. Preferably looking for a small/compact phone. If all else fails I'll get another S3 Mini but was hoping for an upgrade in specs, such as the waterproof S5 Mini or the Sony Z3 Compact.

    01-19-2015 07:39 PM
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    I am bumping this unanswered request up. (Hey Original Poster, did you find an answer? did you find an alternative?)

    I also do not want a passive or cradle connection but need an external antenna 80% of the time. Any advice is appreciated. I am not limiting myself to Samsung models but from my research they are the only verizon supported brand to have antenna ports (barrel style lead patches by the battery under little stickers) on android phones. Do the newer models still have this features? especially interested in the Note 4?
    The Kyocera Brigadere would be perfect if it just had an antenna port.

    Thanks for the help.
    02-08-2015 11:33 PM
  3. petecadmus's Avatar
    I found this website:
    www telcoantennas com au
    to be very useful.
    If Samsung models in Australia are the same as the US it looks like samsung is taking a turn for the worse on this matter.
    It looks like the s5 and note 3 are a smaller miniRF connector than the older models:
    www telcoantennas com au/site/patch-lead-samsung-galaxy-s5
    And it is reportedly flimsy. the patch lead cables for it are 5 times as much than the miniRF patch cables for the note 2 and s4.

    Still, anyone's help finding models with external antenna ports would be greatly appreciated.
    02-09-2015 05:05 PM

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