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    I have been playing Asphalt 8 on an android device with my default G+ account and had some progress on it. Later I switched to another device and played it from scratch.

    Now when I try to sign in using my default G+ account, the game shows me profile conflict and I have to choose between the old progress and the current one. I want to keep the current one and as I select it, it fails telling me that it could not log in using that account.

    1- Yes, I'm connected to internet with 3G connection.
    2- I have deleted app progress and association with my Google account in my G+ settings.

    Please help.

    Why am I not able to select my current G+ Profile on Asphalt 8?-2015_01_20_14.54.11-1-.jpg
    Why am I not able to select my current G+ Profile on Asphalt 8?-2015_01_20_14.54.36-1-.jpg
    01-20-2015 03:23 AM

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